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Amazon turns 20 on the stock market: its shares have increased 638% in two decades



(CNNMoney) – What do you give someone for their twentieth anniversary when they apparently already have everything?

Online retail giant Amazon became public on May 15, 1997.

Today, the company is worth around 460,000 million dollars; almost double that of the king of physical stores, Walmart.

Apple only; The owner of Google, Alphabet, and Microsoft have a higher market value than Amazon.

The company run by Jeff Bezos is no longer an unprofitable internet retailer. He constantly earns money, and not only in the fourth quarter when people go crazy shopping for the holiday season.

Jeff Bezos.

And Amazon is expected to generate $ 166 billion in total revenue this year. Of course, that still pales in comparison to the nearly $ 500 billion that sales analysts estimate for Walmart.

However, Amazon's projected sales are approximately $ 40 billion more than the expected revenues of Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and Barnes & Noble combined this year.

Amazon's domain, as well as Walmart's, is one of the reasons why many other traditional retailers are closing stores, laying off workers and, in some cases, even withdrawing from the business.

Name a sector of the retail world and Amazon has already entered it. It has gone from books and CDs to digital versions of them, as well as clothing, food, furniture, jewelry and almost all other items.

Amazon is also a leader in cloud computing and an emerging participant in the world of digital streaming along with Netflix.

The company has invested in cargo airlines to have more control over the delivery process and is also working on drones.

And Amazon has the potential to be a winner in the Internet of things / devices market connected to its Alexa-powered Echo speaker. (Alexa, can you help me finish this article before my delivery time?)

But this could be the most impressive statistic about Amazon.

If you were lucky enough to have $ 1,000 in Amazon shares at its initial public offering price (adjusted by divisions) two decades ago, now they would be worth … $ 638,000.

That's enough to pay an Amazon Prime membership for the next 6,444 years.

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