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House of Representatives Commission approves the rules for Wednesday's debate on the political trial



(CNN) – In a vote of nine Democrats to four Republicans, the House of Representatives Rules Commission approved six hours of debate in the House on Wednesday on the resolution to put President Donald Trump on trial.

The Rules panel announced the parameters of the political trial debate after voting to approve the rule on political trial charges along the lines of the party.

The six hours of floor time will be divided equally between Democrats and Republicans and will be led by the leaders of the Judicial Commission of the House.

The Chamber will also have an hour of debate before taking the procedural vote to approve the rule governing the debate.

On Wednesday, the House will vote on the two charges of political trial on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Amendments will not be allowed, in accordance with the resolution approved by the regulatory committee on Tuesday.

The House Rules Commission also allowed the House to pass a resolution appointing the administrators of the accusation after the charges of the accusation have been approved.

The Rules panel raised the debate on the resolution of political judgment after long and sometimes controversial exchanges between members as the panel advanced to the vote to make President Donald Trump the third president in history of the United States in being accused.

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