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Nancy Pelosi refuses to commit to sending charges of political judgment to the Senate



(CNN) – The president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, did not commit on Wednesday to send the charges of political trial to the Senate, saying at a press conference following the political trial vote: “That would have been our intention, but we will see what happens".

Some progressives have urged Democratic leaders to retain the charges until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, accepts the procedures for the Senate trial that Democrats have requested, and also agrees to bring witnesses first hand, as interim cabinet chief Mick Mulvaney to testify.

Pelosi said the Democrats will make the decision "as a group" on when to send the charges to the Senate.

There are procedural concerns behind not sending the charges to the Senate on Wednesday night immediately after the vote. Among them: Democrats cannot send charges at this time because the Senate would have to resume them on Thursday, blocking votes on other measures, including an expense package that must be approved before the weekend to avoid a government shutdown.

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McConnell has openly discussed with his Democratic counterpart, the minority leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, about the format of the Senate trial. Earlier this week, McConnell rejected Schumer's call for four witnesses to testify.

In the next few days, the Chamber must also appoint political trial managers for the Senate trial, another step that Pelosi was not ready to take Wednesday night.

"We cannot appoint managers until we see what the Senate side process is, and we hope it will be soon," Pelosi said. "So far we have not seen anything that seems fair, so I hope it is fair."

McConnell told Republican senators at a political lunch Tuesday that he will announce the date for the start of the Senate trial at the end of the week, according to sources.

It is not clear what advantages it would have to retain the charges of political trial from a trial in the Senate. When McConnell was asked this week about the possibility of charges not being sent, he told reporters: "I'm in no hurry."

A Republican senator told CNN in a text message: "If the president believes that this gives the Democrats influence in the Senate magically, she has not been paying attention to how McConnell has operated in recent decades."

CNN Jeremy Herb contributed to this report.

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