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Project focused on Venezuela was awarded by Blockchain for Humanity



Key facts:
  • Other award-winning projects focus on children, medicines and the agricultural sector.

  • Among the nominees was Family EOS, a project created in Venezuela.

During the 2019 edition of the Blockchain for Humanity Awards, a project focused on the economic situation of Venezuela was among the winners. This is PolloPollo, an initiative born in Denmark whose mission is the management of donations for small Venezuelan producers.

The foundation for humanitarian causes Blockchain for Humanity (B4H) announced the winners during the Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (LaBITconf), held in Uruguay.

The awards granted by the organization are divided into two categories: "Shapers Awards" and "Dreamers Awards". The latter is focused on projects that are under development, based on "a team and an idea." In that category falls the project of Chicken Chicken.

Recognition given to PolloPollo at the Bitconf 2019. Source: Blockchain for Humanity.
PolloPollo offers the opportunity to donate directly to producers, through the implementation of smart contracts on their platform. With this mechanism, they seek to counteract what normally happens when using intermediaries for charitable actions. In an explanatory video, B4H states that normally between 10% and 30% of the funds do not go directly to initiatives benefiting from donations, due to administrative expenses.

"Moved by the unsustainable situation suffered by the lack of food of Venezuelans, this project aims to build an intermediary for charitable donations of products," says B4H about the award-winning project.

Some of the products available for donations through PolloPollo. Source: pollopollo.org

Awards for agriculture, children and medicines

The other three winners in that category were VenezVit, EthKids and AgUnity. The first is a beneficial project for the distribution of medicines to patients in any country. For its part, EthKids is a decentralized application (dApp) based on Ethereum, whose purpose is to facilitate donations for children.

In the case of AgUnity, it is a platform for small farmers that seeks transparency in the market and the agricultural value chain.

For the category "Shapers Awards" was selected BanQu, a platform “connecting farmers and last-mile workers with the global economy”, highlights the B4H review.

Decentralized economy for Venezuelan families

Another project focused on Venezuela was among the nominees of this edition from Blockchain for Humanity Awards. In fact, the project focused on a decentralized economy based on EOS, emerged in the South American country itself.

Family EOS seeks to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies among Venezuelan families, with a contribution of $ 1 in EOS daily for three months for families enrolled in the program. The project receives any amount in donations for this purpose, highlights your website.

Among the other nominees for this year's awards, initiatives such as ClimaTrade, a platform focused on compensation of the environmental impact through the trade in carbon credits, stood out. The funds are destined to support environmental initiatives registered in the platform created by the startup Climate Blockchain Initiatives.

Organizations such as the hotel have recently joined this platform Meliá and the state service of Post and Telegraphs of Spain.


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