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Today our portal has the opportunity to ask several questions at
founder of BitsmaxDavid Harding

  • David, there is a lot of talk about your platform about the revolution in the field of winning in cryptocurrencies, please tell us, what is this revolution about?

A /: Cryptocurrencies are somewhat complicated and, in fact, if you go
outside and start asking passersby about the blockchain and
Cryptocurrencies, how everything works, not everyone will answer you, but I'm sure everyone has heard about Bitcoin and its price in 2010. But our platform solves the problem of the complexity of cryptocurrencies. "Everything is very simple, our client makes a deposit for one year and receives 2 to 5% per day passively and stably every day throughout the year."

  • Wow! If I understand correctly, you and your team do all these courses,
    follow the market and make deals, exchanges, etc.

R /: That's right, our customers only invest, we do the rest.

  • But where does such a large percentage come from? It can't be exactly
    compared to bank interests!

R /: I am constantly asked, but in my opinion the answer is simply
obvious. If you look at the Bitcoin exchange rate chart, you will see
I see that sometimes it jumps 20% per day, so I don't understand this "wow".

  • This is amazing David, who exactly can become an investor?

A /: Investments are open to absolutely everyone, absolutely any inhabitant of planet earth who have a smartphone and the Internet can become our client of the company. This is also one of the revolutionary sides of our
platform, we don't divide people into nations, countries, states, we
We absolutely give everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. But I hasten to disappoint you by writing a specific group: the investments will be closed, so keep up, hehe.

  • Do I understand correctly, David? Right now I can use my iPhone to go to the website of your platform, make a deposit and receive 5% per stable day?

A /: That's right, but the percentage also depends on the amount of investment, the larger the deposit, the higher the interest.

  • Is there a minimum entry threshold?

R /: $ 10 USD

  • David, this all sounds too attractive, don't you think?

A /: Yes, this is a problem, many do not believe in those numbers, so we lower the entry threshold so that anyone can try our platform by investing only $ 10 and the next day make sure that all this is real ». We also plan to open representative offices in 11 countries, in 4 countries representative offices will be opened in February 2020. ″

  • With your enthusiasm and goals, I can only wish you good luck! Thanks for answering our questions!

David Harding, founder of Bitsmax.

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