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Bitcoin: exceeding $ 8,000 can be the prelude to something else



The corrective phase of bitcoin is ongoing. Now, it is possible that a small double floor can be confirmed above the $ 8,000, prelude to something else.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

The bearish channel through which the price of the future of the bitcoin It is from a book, it seems to be drawn with a square and bevel. However, and although we have no return figure of any kind I want to look at the candle this Wednesday, just when the price attacked the support of $ 6,500 and from there it bounced strongly with one of the largest volumes of the short history of cryptocurrency futures. There we have an interesting signal to analyze. Why? Because if from here the price was able to jump above the resistance of $ 8,000 we will have, a priori, a potential figure back in double soil. Prelude to a movement that should take at least $ 10,000. And of course, for this the price has to leave behind the bearish channel through which the price has been shifting since the end of June. Which in turn would be another important sign of strength in bitcoin. But do not run ahead of time because we have nothing right now, it is just a potential scenario to consider.

Daily chart of the future of bitcoin since April



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