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Libra de Facebook launches a new road map with details about the launch of its main network.



Libra Association

The Libra Association has published its second roadmap for Libra Core, the main software that supports Libra's stable network.

Based on open source software, the Libra allowed blockchain aims to allow developers, businesses and consumers to build their own projects through the system.

On its first roadmap launched in early October, Libra announced that five partners were ready to start working with full nodes in their test network, and the association expected 100 more partners to be added to the system before the scheduled launch of the main network until 2020.

Three axis areas.

According to the new roadmap, developers will now focus on three main areas.

First, the developers finalized the design of the key features of the core network, including the full nodes. The team will now complete all resources in order of priority. The job will be to create a complete set of Libra protocol architecture documents, as well as to build network application program interfaces (APIs).

Second, developers will work to define several metrics related to Libra Core, the Libra protocol, wallet dependencies and more. This will be crucial to measure success and identify possible failures according to the road map.

Finally, the Association is taking steps to increase transparency and encourage the Libra community to contribute to the project. The roadmap states that the Libra team currently provides product requirements around the infrastructure and Libra APIs directly from the client's developers.

The Libra Association will also provide updates on the project through the Libra Developer Blog, the official Libra blog and a GitHub programming system.


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