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Ripple has published its predictions for what is coming in 2020



Ripple has published some predictions by 2020 in your area of ​​the website dedicated to data and analysis.

These are not predictions that refer only to the Ripple project, the XRP cryptocurrency, but generally refer to cryptocurrencies.

According to Ripple, there are people who see cryptocurrencies as a house of cards that could collapse in 2020, while, on the other hand, there are those who see them as a building built piece by piece over time with Lego bricks, ready to stand in the years to come.

On the side of the latter, Ripple argues that 2020 will lead to greater widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, thanks to new technologies and applications that can bring significant and tangible changes in a wide range of sectors.

In this regard, they cite the case of XRP and Ripple that, together with MoneyGram, is it so facilitating cross-border payments, and even more companies are expected to start using these technologies for these purposes by 2020.

They also mention the case of mobile wallets that «They will enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in a big way» , imagining solutions such as PayPal capable of keeping pace with customer demand and compete with digital banks, also including new products for credit and loans.

According to Ripple, these more conventional use cases will initially arise in developing markets, such as Kenya, Nigeria or Latin America, where they are most necessary and will be facilitated by more flexible regulations.

In fact, they argue that these more permissive regulations also they will end up making cryptocurrencies more attractive for technology companies looking to grow.

This is a prediction that seems to be in contrast to what is commonly perceived, since many people argue that there is a kind of battle between regulators and cryptocurrency companies in which the former intend to significantly limit the magnitude of this technological revolution.

According to Ripple, institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies will accelerate, with a wave that will begin in 2020 thanks to traditional companies that will implement solutions based on digital assets and blockchain.

In fact, according to CEO Brad Garlinghousand, half of the 20 largest banks in the world will actively maintain and market digital assets in 2020. While for Xpring's senior vice president, Ethan Beard, at least one central bank will launch a symbolic representation of its fiat currency.

Another prediction refers to the spread of international micropayments, with new purchase solutions for tourists and travelers who do not use credit cards, guaranteeing immediate cross-border payments, including payments in multiple currencies.

The article also imagines the possibility of a pump for the cryptocurrency market, thanks to the evolution of the industry, with a consolidation of companies and the emergence of more institutional grade exchanges.

However, the image painted by Ripple is so full of optimistic perspectives and no doubt, That doesn't seem to be very objective. After all, the company is certainly not a disinterested party, and it would not be surprising if it was only trying to seize the opportunity to promote the development of this sector.

However, what they have expressed in this article, although perhaps incomplete or sometimes exaggerated, seems plausibleTherefore, these predictions cannot be ruled out as mere publicity.


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