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Technical analysis office: Santander, Renault, MásMóvil, AMD, Salesforce, Adidas, Vinci, and Meliá Hotels



Next, we respond to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Renault, MásMóvil, AMD, Salesforce, Adidas, Vinci, Meliá Hotels and Santander.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I am considering buying Renault and MásMóvil and I would like to know your opinion and at what price to do it. Thank you. B C D.

Dear reader, good afternoon. I do not like RenaultIn fact, you just have to look at the weekly chart to understand the reason for it. This seems to be moving within an impeccable bearish channel and the base of this (by definition support) currently passes for approximately 36 euros. Let's say I would only consider it if the price began to bounce (reaction phase) from the base of the bearish channel, but not now. In nobody's zone. What is evident is that building decreasing maximums and minimums, as is the case at hand, does not rise. It is a clearly bearish title since the beginning of 2018.

As to MoreMobile, continues to move laterally for about a couple of years. And in the short term, let's say that the only thing to hold on to the long side is the fact that the support presented in the bullish hollow of the first session of October 1, at 18.60-18 , 65 euros. Thus, to the extent that support is not pierced, it can be said that in the worst case scenario the title will be shifting laterally. And only above the resistance of 20.70 euros we will begin to look at the title with other eyes (for good). Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, José María. I joined this section for the first time, since I didn't know her. The first congratulations for the quality and simplicity of your analysis. My question is about AMD and Salesforce. I have been in these companies until recently, with excellent results in the first two. Which I closed for fear of losing profits. Please, could you tell me where you would put the current entry point, and the target price and ‘stop loss’? Thank you very much and greetings. A.GC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. AMD It is an impeccably bullish title as easily deduced from the impeccable bullish directive line that joins the rising lows since 2016. And we also have three points of tangency, impeccable, in this line of acceleration. From what it follows that in general we have a clear maintain, but those who stay outside should only try at the closest possible price levels to the support area presented in this guideline, now at approximately 32-33 dollars, price levels clearly far from the current ones. Above, on the resistance side, we have the 2006 highs at $ 46.70 and above the historical highs at $ 48.50.

As to Salesforce, the flawlessness of the bullish channel through which the price has been shifting since 2011. is an impeccable bullish channel. Channel where the price is shifting laterally (reaction phase) in recent times. In theory, this lateral can still last a long time until, either, it finds support at the base of the bullish channel, or jumps over the lateral (where the historical maximums are found), at 167.50 dollars. In the latter case, it would be placed again in absolute free ascent with the bullish implications that this usually has and objective of rising in the upper part of the bullish channel, at this time clearly above $ 200. Very kind for your words. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good afternoon, José María. Could you tell me if you think the idea of ​​taking positions now in Adidas and Vinci can be right? Where would you put the entry level, with a goal and ‘stop loss’? Regards, and thank you very much. TO.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Adidas, specific corrections aside, it is one of the most bullish titles in the entire European market. And in the short term, we have an important support area in the straight support that joins each and every one of the growing minimums since May. So as long as the price does not confirm in closing prices below the bullish guideline, we understand that the conditions for betting on a new resistance surplus are met: the historical highs at 296.75 euros. And above, as you know for sure, be placed for the umpteenth time in absolute free climb. The most immediate support at this time can not be other than the last growing minimum, at 268.75 euros.

As to Vinci, three quarters of the same that we have commented on Adidas. It is an impeccably bullish title in terms of medium and long term. Title that is actually in free rise. Now, if I had to try it upwards right now, I would wait to see if it is able to correct towards the support area that it presents at approximately 88.50 euros. It goes without saying that any potential correction that will lead to the base of the bullish channel in the future, now at 75 euros, should be interpreted as a clear opportunity to get back on the shopping train. The problem of opening long now is the following: where do I put the ‘stop loss’ without an important correction breaking the impeccable upward trend? Very far, right? That is the danger of being late for a degree. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, could you analyze Meliá Hotels by technician, in the medium to long term? Thank you very much. F.M.

Dear investor, good afternoon. From Meliá We have talked long and hard on numerous occasions over the past few months and have always argued that the key to any bullish position was to respect at all times the key support of 6.90 euros. And that as long as it was not drilled, positions could be opened in the titles of the hotel company. And the truth is that, in addition, we have recently confirmed figure back of bullish implications. So I do not rule out that it ends up directing at price levels close to nine euros, with its logical corrections against trend. And the key support remains at the same level, at 6.90 euros. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good José María. What do you think of Santander at these prices? They are not a specialist in technical analysis, but I think it is still bearish despite the latest increases. Is there a real possibility that I will return to the minimum of 2016? Thank you very much for this section and your invaluable daily help. P.G.

Dear reader, good afternoon. You said it, Santander Bank Still impeccably bearish. I invite you to read the analysis we were doing on Thursday the two largest banks in our country. In recent times it is BBVA who is showing the strongest of the two. And the problem is that to the extent that we do not see Santander jump strongly over the resistance of the four euros (bearish guideline) we will not have the slightest sign of real strength in the title and therefore will remain impeccably bearish . Thank you very much gentleman, greetings.

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