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Xi Jinping: the trade agreement is "good for the US, China and the whole world"



Xi Jinping, president of China, commented that "the first phase economic and commercial agreement reached between the US and China It's a good thing for both countries and the whole world", according to the state agency Xinhua.

"The markets and the world have responded very positively to the agreement. The US is willing to maintain close communication with China and strive to sign and implement it as soon as possible, "added Xi, who expects to sign the agreement as soon as possible (talk of early January).

However, Xi has expressed "serious concerns" about the recent US involvement in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, areas where Beijing believes that the American Administration should not interfere but where the international community believes it is threatening human rights. According to Xi, the US "interfered in China's internal affairs, damaged China's interests and did not lead to mutual trust and cooperation".

In any case, Xi has said he is willing to keep in touch with Trump for "exchange views on bilateral relations and international affairs, and move forward jointly on relationships based on coordination, cooperation and stability. "


For his part, Donald Trump has commented on Twitter that he has maintained a "Very good conversation with President Xi about our gigantic trade agreement"and that" China has already started purchasing agricultural products and more on a large scale. "In addition, it has confirmed that"the formal signature is being remembered and that "he also talked about North Korea, where we are working with China; and Hong Kong," where there has been "progress."

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