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Lightning Network now allows single payment to multiple recipients.



litecoin lightning network

Lightning Network (LN) users can now make a single payment to several people without using intermediate platforms. The new feature was added this week after LN developers implemented the basic “multi-route payment” support.

The support was announced in Bitcoin Optech on December 18 and highlights that this solution allows you to spend or receive funds of the same payment through multiple channels. The new feature, known as multi-route payments, was proposed months ago with the goal of increasing the usability of LN.

Sending a transaction to multiple beneficiaries or customers without the use of intermediaries was possible before this update. However, the option had its defects and disadvantages. For example, if you want to make a payment through multiple channels, each one would have to have the same amount of money, otherwise it would not be processed.

Likewise, it was preferable that at the time of the transfer between several parties or an installment payment, it was always made with all those connected to the same channel. In addition, the recipient also had to wait for the arrival of each party to make the claim.

However, users can now pay multiple hashes, all derived from the same fund, thanks to the new LN function, which can be claimed as a single payment. In this way, consumers do not have to worry about the amount of balance they have in each of their specific channels, since they can send the total balance available on all channels.

What is not specified in the information published by Optech is what multiple payment proposal the developers chose, since there are two versions. The first, known as multiple atomic payments (AMP), allows multiple transfers to multiple hashes, all derived from the same total fund that acts as a "previous image." The other proposal, called Base-AMP , facilitates the realization of a simple multiple payment with a single hash.


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