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Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone, non-teleco telecos: they sell alarms, insurance … and electricity



"We have repositioned the culture of the company, we have gone from being a teleco to a technology company", as last week valued CEO of Vodafone Spain, António Coimbra, the moment of transformation experienced by the subsidiary of the British company. In your case, in addition, at a financially complicated time after decide to set aside football in your commercial offer.

It is not a unique case. Telefonica Y Orange They also advance in the same process of business diversification, which is leading them to be service providers that are not always linked to their theoretically strategic activity. In this way, they give additional value to the possibilities of your client portfolio.

In the case of the British multinational, one of its main commercial proposals in this line of diversification is V by Vodafone, based on devices that allow you to know at all times where people, pets or any type of object are located.


Orange has accelerated its presence in various sectors. Spain has been the second market where it has launched its financial activity, through Orange bank. At the moment, it is a business limited to the operator's clients and focused on deposits. Looking ahead, it will raise other types of products such as mortgages and insurance. In this case, at first, by the hand of St. Lucia.

And it will go a step further, because the subsidiary of the French multinational is also shuffling Enter Spain in the light distribution business, something he already does in other European markets, such as Poland. The subsidiary headed by Laurent Paillassot He has not decided which model he will choose for this new activity, which could happen by reaching agreements with another energy company (and being a mere intermediary) or creating his own light retailer.

Telefónica not only diversifies in a similar line (insurance and alarms also enter the future of its commercial strategy), but its transformation towards a company more linked to technology will be part of its DNA.

Within the new teleco roadmap (where its presence has been rethought in all Latin American markets except Brazil) is the creation of the business unit Telefónica Tech, which encompasses the activities of 'cloud', security, internet of things (IoT) and 'big data', digital businesses that are progressing at a rate of 30% per year.

That is the summary. These businesses grow faster. "This will be the business unit (Telefónica Tech) that has more weight to achieve the objective of generating more than 2,000 million additional revenue before 2022," he summarized CEO of the operator, Ángel Vilá, in the presentation of the new company strategy.

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