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Cellnex, Ferrovial and Siemens Gamesa: the best Ibex values ​​in 2019



2019 comes to an end with a revaluation close to 13% in the Ibex 35 that must be taken into account that it has been half of what was obtained by the average of the European indexes. The political instability has taken its toll on the Spanish market although, in these last sessions, it has managed to exceed the annual maximums and it seems that it wants to start 2020 with renewed spirits with the 10,000 points on the horizon. Within the selective Spanish, Cellnex, Ferrovial and Siemens Gamesa stand out as the three values ​​that have behaved better today.

Technical analysis

Cellnex It has been by far the value of the Ibex that has behaved better in 2019. The value is close to doubling its price within a few sessions of the end of the year and that since mid-October the value is taking a break. However, this stop on the road is not showing us any weakness but rather the opposite. The company is shaping a bullish continuation figure so we will be very aware of a close above 42.05 euros, historical highs drawn two months ago. This would leave the company in free rise again, so it seems very likely that we will end up seeing an extension of the increases to the level of 45 euros, prices that could reach in the first measures of 2020.

Ferrovial the silver medal is hung with a revaluation of more than 55% in what we have been in 2019. The company has had a spectacular year with a strong uptrend with hardly any ups and downs. The company has overcome all the resistance that has been found in its path. In recent weeks we have been able to see how the company was able to overcome the resistance of 27 euros, which has lost it to draw maximums of all time. The company moves in free rise, the best possible technical scenario for a company, so it is highly likely that we will end up seeing an extension of the profits to the level of 30 euros in the coming weeks.

Siemens Gamesa Get the bronze medal. The title accumulates increases close to 50% although, unlike Cellnex and Ferrovial, it has experienced a very volatile year. Before the end of April, it had already risen 50% although it was touching the 16 euros and suffering a short circuit that led her to lose it practically all at the beginning of November. When everything seemed that it could end 2019 even in losses we have seen with astonishment that it made a surprising “sprint” that leads it to move in the vicinity of the 16 euros, annual maximums. We will be very aware of the overcoming of this price level since we could end up seeing an extension of the profits up to the level of 18 euros. As soon as we break the 16 euros we should be interested in the company since we believe that it can still be reel by 2020.



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