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Endesa and two more values ​​that have perforated resistance this Monday



The objective of raising the selective Spanish could be placed at 10,000 points

Technical analysis

New sign of strength in Endesa which is exceeding the resistance of $ 24.92, historical highs. The company cannot offer a better technical aspect and it is that it is quoting in free rise with everything ready so that we end up seeing an extension of the increases up to the level of 27 euros.

Very good sign in Indra which has managed to overcome the resistance of 10.08 euros. This confirms the formation of a throw back at the level of 9.70 euros and makes us think of a continuation of the increases to the annual maximums that it presents at 10.57 euros. If it manages to exceed this level of supply, we are likely to end up seeing a change in trend.

Uploads in Grifols which manages to pierce the resistance of 31.59 euros. The value goes back into free rise so it is very likely that we will end up seeing an extension of the earnings, in the next sessions, up to the level of 35 euros.



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