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Interest in Ripple has increased markedly in the United States and the United Kingdom



Ripple is a popular name for cross country trades. Merchants around the world consider Ripple a safe opportunity for the future. The trade to date for Ripple's XRP token indicates a downward trend, but there is strong speculation on behalf of recent companies that the currency would shine again. If we look at the statistics, XRP started the year at $ 0.354 with a volume of $ 449,347,622. As of March 31, Ripple was 0.310730 and the volume was $ 652,757,652. In the second quarter of 2019, Ripple was seen at $ 0.505467 and a volume of $ 3,641,363,867. The graphs changed since the third quarter and now the currency is at $ 0.194 and the volume has reached $ 1,753,996,532. The numbers indicate that, despite strong pressure, the volume is still four times higher than at the beginning of the year.

Ripple YTD trend in the United Kingdom:

At the beginning of the year, Ripple had a trend of almost 71% in the United Kingdom, popularity strengthened to 81% between February 24 and March 2. There was a big decline in the trend at the end of March. In May and June, Ripple experienced a 100% trend. Along with many cryptocurrencies, Ripple also lost somewhere and the popularity began to fade. The second week of December reflects a 50% trend in Ripple. The chances of catching up with the trend are greater in Ripple for the future.

Ripple YTD trend in the United States:

The trend chart reported by Google reflects the loss in popularity of Ripple. The line of the graph is tilted towards the lower level compared to the level of opening trend. During the opening of 2019, Ripple had a trend of 81% in the United States. The trend reached 95% between February 24 and March 2. The highest trend ratio, that is, 100%, was between the period of May 12-18. From then on, Ripple is losing popularity. The trend marked in the last week was 48%. The current week could cause investors to return to the currency.

Ripple YTD trend in China:

In China, Ripple has a fluctuating trend. Ripple's opening trend in 2019 was around 23%. Within the 15-day period, the trend increased to 74%. Then, Ripple lost power, and could not have much tendency during the opening of February 2019. In mid-February, Ripple had the biggest trend in China. In mid-April and the closing period of the same month, Ripple again faced heavy losses in popularity. In June, Ripple rose the trend again and was marked as a cryptocurrency with a 58% trend in the market. In mid-August 2019, Ripple showed a trend of almost 70%. Recently, Ripple was seen with a 43% trend. The currency may have to face the reaction again and the trend could decrease in the coming days.

What to expect in 2020 for Ripple?

Ripple will behave like all other cryptocurrencies in the market. There will be many ups and downs in the currency throughout the year. Well, the good news about currency is that Ripple is not interested in boasting of the market price; rather, the focus is on solid foundations. With the coagulation of the bases, Ripple would build a flourishing future. There would be great competition in the market as the big ones like JPMorgan and countries like China plan to enter the ring with their own development blockchain. Ripple would have to have a bad time for the next currencies and plan a long game to maintain its market position.


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