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Ripple is now the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency company



After the news about Ripple with its $ 200 million collection in new venture investments, the Messari agency says it has become the second crypto decrypt after Bitmain.

Recently it was learned that the Ripple unicorn attracted another $ 200 million as part of its Series C financing round. The investors were SBI Holdings, Tetragon and Route 66 Ventures.

After that, Ripple was valued at $ 10 billion, leaving behind all the other companies in the cryptocurrency industry and being second only to the giant mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain, writes Messari.

Ripple becomes the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency company

The CryptoEri user, considered an influencer in the XRP community, has tweeted the results of the recent investment injected into the giant Ripple. She tweets:

«The second most valuable company in the industry behind Bitmain».

"‘ And he tied for 18th place as the most valuable new company in the world. "

Now, Ripple has more resources to continue its global expansion, he writes.

Messari on the recent venture capital investment in Ripple

CryptoEri's high rating of Ripple comes from Messari's report, which states:

"With the new round of financing, Ripple has now raised a cumulative sum of $ 292 million in venture capital since the beginning."

“With $ 10 billion, Ripple is the second decacorn in the industry behind Bitmain, which due to the bear market is probably worth much less than the $ 12 billion it was valued in 2018. Ripple is now tied for the 18th most valuable company of the world".


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