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BBVA: impeccable bullish channel since the lows of August



BBVA is one of the titles in the financial sector that is doing better in recent months, enduring the much better rate of what Banco Santander is doing, among others.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Regardless of the very short term corrections, the really interesting thing about the current moment is that the titles of BBVA they are embedded within an impeccable bullish channel since the lows of August. Building as it can not be otherwise impeccable minimum and maximum rising. In any case, a visit to the upper part of the bullish channel: at this time at 5.35 euros. The base, by definition support, is currently going through the environment of 4.80 euros. However, to be able to talk about a change in trend in terms of the medium term, we need the title to jump above the resistance it presents in the annual maximums, the 5.5560 euros that marked last April.



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