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The Ibex closes flat and maintains the 9,600 in a session marked by low volume



The Ibex closes the session with increases of 0.2% and grabs at 9,600 points (9,661). The rest of European parks, in turn, have also closed plans. The eve of Christmas holidays is felt in the bags and the small amount of negotiation that will be recorded throughout the day. Investors thus put the hibernation mode.

In the case of the Spanish selective, the Ibex is still at 9,600 points. From a technical point of view, the analyst of Bolsamanía J.M. Rodriguez stresses that the index "It shows no signs of weakness."

Of course, Rodriguez acknowledges that "it does not seem that we really want to attack resistance, such as the one we have in the annual maximums (9,692), but still less to drill media." He then emphasizes that "at the minimum that we correct, money enters the market to the rescue so that what we have is a narrow side after an upward momentum."

Looking forward to the next few days, "the really important thing is the fact that the trend is still bullish, especially on the other side of the Atlantic and our European neighbors, it follows that the normal thing is that sooner or later, try to head to the top of the bullish channel, now at 9,900 points. "

Attention to Bankinter. The credit rating agency S&P has lowered the bank's prospects from 'stable' to 'negative' after analyzing the proposed IPO of its subsidiary Línea Directa.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Wall street It comes from marking a newest historical maximum day. The trade war and the current tariff peace awaiting an agreement between Beijing and Washington in early January are giving wings to the exchanges. China again offered the market another gesture in good faith on Monday announcing that, from January 1, 2020, it will lower tariffs to 850 US products like pork and avocado, among others.

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