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Values ​​that have managed to drill resistance this Tuesday



Vidrala It offers a good technical aspect after overcoming the resistance of 91 euros. The value is put in free rise so it is very likely that we can end up seeing an extension of the increases to the level of 100 euros, prices that could reach in the first weeks of 2020.

Enagas has substantially improved its price series by managing to overcome the resistance of 22.58 euros. The company puts an end to the lateral movement of the last weeks and it seems highly probable that we will end up seeing an extension of the profits up to the level of 25.41 euros, historical highs at the beginning of the year.

Unbeatable technical aspect in Endesa which ends up exhausting the last days of the year giving a new sign of strength in its price series. The company exceeds the historical highs that it presents in the 24.92 euros and points to the 27 euros, prices that we do not discard that can end up reached in the coming weeks.



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