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Uploads on Wall Street, which returns to record highs after the Christmas break



Wall street Follow yours. US index futures are trading with slight increases and retakes the historical highs after the Christmas break. The low trading volume and the calm will reign once again in the New York parquet, in a day in which there are no macroeconomic indicators of reference.

"The current narrative of the exchanges remains the same as on Monday and will probably remain unchanged in the remainder of 2019," experts from Vital knowledge. "Investors will return in January and will find a complacent market," they prophesy.

The investor is still waiting for news of the commercial war. US President Donald Trump has also set the vacation mode this week. Little new is known about the tariff conflict between the two largest economies in the world. The eyes are already focused on the first weeks of January, when the phase one agreement is scheduled to be sealed.

In the raw materials market, the oil scales to maximum three months ago in the heat of that commercial optimism and the hope that OPEC does not soften its productive cuts. Specifically, the West Texas barrel is trading at this time with a 0.5% rise to be above $ 61.

For its part, in the currency market, the euro appreciates slightly and is exchanged for $ 1.1095. And in the debt market, the yield of the ten-year US bond falls to 1.9%, while that of the two-year bond drops to 1.63% and that of the three-month bond rebounds to 1.59 %.


The Old Continent continues with the closure thrown this Thursday. The European parks did not open on Wednesday either and, last Tuesday, it was only possible to negotiate until mid-session for the Christmas holiday. Meanwhile, green has dominated Asia, on a decaffeinated day with Australia and Hong Kong closed for vacations.



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