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BMW boss considers SUV debate to be scaremongering | TIME ONLINE



BMW boss Oliver Zipse advocates less traffic in the centers of large cities. "I find the idea of ​​a car-free inner city worth striving for," said the 55-year-old Süddeutsche ForexNews.onlineung, That is a question of intelligent urban planning. "Why does someone who only goes shopping have to drive in with their own car? It's not a win." If possible, he would ride privately on the subway in Munich.

Zipse said he regularly reads the IPCC report. Part of the answer from BMW of the climate crisis was that in 2030 half of all the company's cars in Europe would be electrified. In this context, Zipse also pointed out the need for political guidelines. "Electric cars then have a chance of getting higher
Quantity and thus profit if the stricter limits in
Power, "he said. In the next two years, BMW will put four more fully electric models on the road.

On the other hand, Zipse protects the large cars criticized by many. "The malicious SUV debate is scaremongering that has nothing to do with reality," said the BMW manager. "The 15-year-old station wagon is the much bigger climate offender." It also emits large amounts of fine dust and nitrogen oxides, but is not criticized. Instead, drivers of cars with the latest technology would be on fire with certain groups of society.



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