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RasenBallsport, the autumn champions of the Bundesliga, is currently making the strongest impression of the three major Leipzig football clubs. 1. FC Lok and Aufsteiger Chemie are also playing a good season – in the Regionalliga Nordost. Chemistry is also the last Leipzig club to become German champion. This happened in 1964 and was the greatest sensation in the GDR football history. You owe it too RB Leipzig its history-free existence.

In 1963 the GDR sports authorities executed a decision that Leipzig Soccer people busy to this day. The best players were concentrated in Probstheida at SC Leipzig (later 1. FC Lok). Target: championship. The ineligible "rest of Leipzig", the BSG chemistry, may in Leutzsch bolt against relegation. The Green-Whites succeeded so well that they won the title. The blue-yellow squad of the SC landed in third place. Chemie's heroes still guard their lives, the size of life in concrete, their stadium, which bears the name of the master coach: Alfred Kunze Sports Park.

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Now Kunze's biography was published, written by the chemical encyclopaedist Jens Fuge. Alfred Kunze. The silent genius tells the life story of the only top GDR coach who was never a member of the SED, but the NSDAP. Kunze, born in Leipzig in 1909, came from a social democratic family and became a primary school teacher. His milieu was the workers' sport, whose clubs then banned the Nazi regime. He decided to join the party so that he could remain a teacher. Fuge researched Alfred Kunze's post-war protection lie that he had been accepted into the party as a member of the Nazi teachers' association without application. Kunze's career in the SED dictatorship was a curvy path of an indomitable who knew how to adapt halfway and avoided ideological frontal accidents.

He was the first selection coach of the GDR, He was dismissed, degraded and transferred several times until he and his "chemists" rose from the oracle to Olympus in 1964. The cup victory followed in 1966. Kunze resigned in 1967 for unclear reasons. At the age of 58 he went to the scientific center of the GDR Football Association, wrote teaching materials and trained coaches.

With his BSG chemistry it went down to second class. The support club 1. FC Lok won cups and runner-up titles, reached the European Cup final in 1987, but neither won a championship nor the undivided Leipzig favor. Chemistry remained the snappy underdog. At local derbies, the fan blocks sang about love: Which whore, which goat created the 1. FC Lok? – Which slut, which cattle did BSG Chemie do?

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