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What has shaped our world culturally in the past decade? In the mini series "Die Zehner" we trace the small and big revolutions of these years. Here we gradually collect all articles on the subject.

It cannot be discussed away: the worldwide rise of homophobic, sexist and racist
Patriarchs who are ceaseless with their wealth, their power
and boast of their potency, from Donald Trump about Boris Johnson
up to Erdoğan, Salvini and Orbán, has overshadowed the politics of the past decade. Why so many people –
including obviously many women –
yearn for this kind of crooked leader figures,
remains one of the great mysteries of the
Ten years. You could see a historical backward orientation of men and also a widespread neglect,
both in aesthetic terms and in terms of their manners and
Manners. What's wrong with masculinity? Why were successful
and powerful male images most recently defined primarily from the right?

Her ascent, of course, did not come from nowhere, he was with
a few years ahead in pop culture. If we look at the year
Looking back in 2010, we find that
Character model of the political
incorrect man at that time, especially among those who were generally liberal
Observers enjoyed great popularity. As
It was mainly men who were refreshing and original at that time
considered who face each other in a rhetorical and social way
Women generally behave negatively and dismissively, such as Dr. House out
the series of the same name or Don Draper Mad Men,
They were the men who refined the civilization
Gender relations in the late
Grossly broke and nineties and early nineties
accordingly with the understanding of masculinity. How would
one actually Dr. House
see and evaluate today if the series would be launched again?

The hegemonic masculinity shifted into the
Ten years but not just to the right; this shift was associated with
a general loss of male style awareness. Even the
Nazis used to look better: look at them
for example, the appearances of the neo-Nazi leader Michael Kühnen
in the eighties, it was a smart guy with sharp features
and an equally cut hairstyle that likes to be in black leather coats
David Bowie posed as Thin White Duke just before him, He surrounded himself and his followers with an aura of danger and evil
and liked listening to good music from occultists
Neofolk bands like Death in June. The erotic, the Michael Kühnen
exuded, you could find it interesting even if you weren't going to
Group of Holocaust deniers belonged to; he was gay and died in 1991

The right-wing men of today, on the other hand, work
one in the AFD and the Identity finds movement, merely
still like dissatisfied uptight bank employees: with their rimless
Glasses and painfully suppressed violent fantasies. It doesn't work
Sovereignty from them –
they also present themselves too extensively as victims of the
Systems, the elites, the lie press and feminism or of
all of this together. You will not have an aura of
attractively illuminates bad guys because they either whine or roar;
they are dressed in desolation and there is nothing sexual about them. And if they do
talk about sex, then from "gender madness"
or about the disgraceful hyper or early sexualization
in society: sex is something for them that is everywhere
gives way too much and pushed back its rule
must become. The men of the New Right in Germany are joyless and listless figures whose libido is none
Perspective besides falling back into
Restoration of the patriarchy: flower sex with deleted

The most formative masculinity model
in contemporary pop music –
at least in German-speaking countries –
again from the so-called street or
Gangsterrappern posed. These present themselves as omnipotent types, to whom it
it's all about wealth, power and status symbols; to the –
no matter what means – achieved success in the incessant
Fight everyone against everyone. Unlike the men of the new
On the right, sex is often an issue here, but it does
not about lust, enjoyment or eroticism, but about sex as
Means to empower and humiliate others.
Women are considered here exclusively as objects, as
willing sluts or prostitutes – or just as an appendage
other men whose sexual conquest or brutal treatment treats the
Competitors low in potency.

That one among young listeners
such a dominant musical genre so extensive
is patriarchal, sexist and homophobic –
this is a new phenomenon in the history of German pop music,
that reveals a lot about society,
from which it grew up. The fact that a whole
Generation of young men growing up with some kind of pop music,
in which there are no more love songs and no songs about
Lovesickness. The one that has been valid for decades Boy-meets-girl-and-girl-leaves-boy-now-boy-is-very-sad-Formula
has no meaning here. Men no longer appear as beings in this genre,
who love and suffer and in vain romantic consumption, but
only as types with their ability to conquer and
Brag about brutality.

This fits that to the most popular genres in the current
Porn motion picture industry the cuckold-Films include films in which the sex of a hyperpotent man with a woman before
in the eyes of their impotent husband. Whereby its impotence
can be biologically justified (the person concerned gets
not high) or – more often –
stems from the fact that he is dominant
Participants of the scene forced to watch and bound or gagged or
otherwise how is humiliated. In the language of the New Right in the United States –
from the alt-right movement to the complex field of competitors
in Donald Trump's Entourage – has the reception of this genre
in the concept of cuckservative
dejected. This means conservatives who are not potent
are enough to withstand the harshness of political
Clashes to become her husband. Who in turn is a competitor on
May hinder promotion to higher political positions, may
of Cockblockings praise
, so the
Prevention of the use of the tail.

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