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Barefoot in the Waldorf: The luxury hotel among cocktails



Is a mojito a long drink? Always a must with a margarita
Salt rim on the glass? And how much lemon does a whiskey sour have?
Our series "nightcap"
 answers these questions and tells you how to do it yourself
can mix the right drink for a perfect evening. Because behind
every drink hides an attitude to life.

"As long as I can remember, my grandparents have had everyone
In the evening at 6 p.m. had her aperitif, a Manhattan on the rocks, the whole 50
Years of marriage, "says Justin Powell, a polite young man with
East coast accent and chin-length dark hair. "They called it their 'adulthood,' which meant 'leave us alone.'" When he was older
, he says, he too began to love this ritual: "Even if we
went out to eat, we ordered a drink and had a chat
us before we looked at the map. Unfortunately, this habit threatens
extinction. "

You don’t know what to wonder more about,
about couples who stay together half their life or about people who are nonchalant
ignore the World Health Organization's warning that every day
Avoid alcohol consumption. At any rate from the grandson of this couple
become a bartender. Justin Powell, 41, works in the Pauly Bar,
an elegant, green painted room with Persian carpets and
Flower arrangements in the former Jewish girls' school in Berlin. If he
speaks of his grandmother, then with respect and admiration. "Even as
Child accompanied her father on his business trips to New York City.
Later, when she herself lived there, the Waldorf Astoria and
whose cocktail hour done. "

The Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue still belongs today
to the most glamorous hotels in the city. It is also the birthplace of one
Drink classic. Scottish whiskey came out at the end of the 19th century
gradually to the United States. Bartenders soon began to experiment with it, so
also those in the Waldorf Astoria. He exchanged the rye whiskey respectively
Bourbon in Manhattan – a classic vermouth cocktail – against Scottish whiskey and named
his creation Rob Roy. And not without reason: in 1894, the
Premiere of the operetta of the same name. Which in turn referred to that
Life of Scottish national hero Robert Roy MacGregor, who was born in the early 18th
Century when a kind of cattle-stealing Robin Hood caused a stir.

Justin Powell in the Pauly Bar, behind it his work materials
© Friends of Friends (FvF) for Pauly Saal

In principle, the Rob Roy is one
minimal variation of a Manhattan, but with great effect. The
original recipe looks a sweet red wormwood and Scotch whiskey to
same parts, with a splash Bitters, The Rob Roy, says Justin Powell,
be a drink for connoisseurs and for women like his grandmother. "When I started
I found out a year later that I had a glass of whiskey
poured in and toasted during all of her unforgettable stories
my thoughts hung like the haze over Manhattan in an old one
Black and white photography."

One of these stories is this: As her grandson before
packed his things for a camping trip a few years ago
Grandmother little enthusiastic. "'But Grandma,' I asked her, 'it sounds
not fantastic to be far away from the world in the woods and at night
To see stars in the sky? ' My grandmother replied: 'My idea
A camping trip is to walk through the Waldorf Astoria with bare feet
to run.' In honor of her, I created this drink. "With its deep,
chubby flavors Barefoot in the
perfect in the run-up to Christmas. He works strong enough to get you
gracious veil over last minute gift stress and messed up cookie baking campaigns
to lay – and at the same time it is a thousand times more stylish than mulled wine. So
just as stylish as the tradition of a lifelong aperitif ritual.

Barefoot in the Waldorf


  • 5 ml honey liqueur, e.g. bear hunter
  • 15 ml cocchi amaro
  • 60 ml smoky Islay whiskey, e.g. W&M House Malt


All ingredients with
stir cold with a stick of cinnamon. In a coupette glass (a bulbous
Fill the cocktail bowl), garnish with an orange zest and serve.

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