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IBM will use IOTA tokens for task scheduling



IOTA tokens have been used in multiple concepts and solutions within the Internet of Things (IoT). With the rapid development of this technology, IOTA has become the center of attention more frequently when it comes to real-world business.

The new IBM patent involves IOTA

Recently, patent application US20190373051A1, which refers to the "Task scheduling system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices", has been transferred for final approval. According to Google patents, this application was initially submitted by IBM in 2018.

One thing that is of particular interest to us is the fact that the IOTA cryptocurrency is incorporated into this concept. The authors say that users of IoT systems can assign tokens to their devices to organize some tasks.

In addition, the commercial functions of these cryptocurrencies will be used by this technology. The application says the following:

"The planner can facilitate the exchange of tokens depending on the use of the capabilities of the network devices in response to the performance of tasks".

Preference for giant companies

IOTA is widely used by corporations that strive to eliminate interest in the Internet of things. In 2019, IOTA tokens were mentioned in patents by Siemens AG, Blackberry Telecom and Intel Corporation. At the moment, 111 patent applications from 44 companies have been published.

IOTA mentioned in 111 patent applications by 44 companies
Image: http://iotaarchive.com/patents.html

The IOTA ecosystem researchers created a statistics tool to analyze the progress of IOTA adoption by corporations through their patent applications. According to statistics of all patents, about 77% has been published in the last 365 days.


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