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Number of child benefit recipients reaches maximum value TIME ONLINE



The number of child benefit recipients has reached a record level, according to a report. The state benefit is until the end of November
paid for 15.7 million children, the reports
Handelsblatt, That goes from a statistic of
Familienkasse der Federal agency for work out. since
In 2017, the number of recipients increased by more than 300,000 every year.

The family fund had the increase in the past with the
Labor migration, mainly from the EU, is also due to increasing numbers
Births in parts of Germany and an increasing recognition of

The child benefit paid out until November increased to 35.4 billion euros, after 33.8
Billion euros in the previous year. But that also depends on increases in Child Benefit together in July 2019
came into force. Child benefit
for the first and second child rose by 10 to 204 euros, for the third child there is
210 euros and for each additional 235 euros per month.

Record transfers to accounts abroad

The state pays child benefit until the
Children are 18 years old or until they have finished their education. For
Parents who earn a lot are better off paying the child allowance (7,620 euros per
Child with jointly assessed parents). The amount is taxable
If income is deducted, the tax to be paid is reduced. The tax office does
with the tax return, an automatic so-called cheaper check and
decides whether the child benefit
or the allowance for parents calculates more.

According to the statistics of the family fund, the number of
foreign children, for child benefit
paid, rose further to 3.16 million. Last year
there were around three million, in 2017 around 2.8 million. 7.4 billion euros in child benefit went loud Handelsblatt on
foreign recipients.

Child benefit of 367 million
According to the report, the euro was transferred to foreign accounts. Also child benefit beneficiaries with German
Citizenship is transferred to a foreign account.
In addition, the payment to a foreign account says nothing about the place of residence
the child, the report says.

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