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At first glance, the EU takes that car industry get harder from next year. Then they can be new
average cars emit a maximum of 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. If the auto industry fails on CO2 targets,
there are drastic fines: 95 euros per car and per gram exceeded
transfer to Brussels.

2018 were the
Emissions according to the International Council on Clean Transportation at 121 grams
CO2 per kilometer well above the limit. If it stays that way, there would be 15 million new cars
theoretical total payment of around 37 billion euros is due. But it will
not happen: Everything speaks for the fact that the manufacturers with the help of
Electric cars and special discounts will meet the requirements.

the calculation of CO2 emissions may still be the dirtiest in 2020
five percent of the cars are painted, explains Stefan Bratzel of
Center of Automotive Management. This
The auto industry has emerged as a transitional arrangement. Just like others
Mechanisms that lead to softening. So LED headlights or solar roofs,
that can be proven to save CO2 but are not noticeable in the measuring cycle.

Electric cars as a multiple wild card

Also allowed and
it is desirable that car manufacturers are arbitrary
team up to achieve averages. The electric car manufacturer Tesla, for example, could agree to share a balance with
Creating Fiat Chrysler to press its values ​​- with appropriate financial compensation, of course.

In general, cars are with
Charging plug is a suitable means of bridging the huge gap between the bad
Close CO2 figures from 2018 and the ambitious target values: Because battery-electric cars are included in the calculation with zero because they are based on
the test bench has no emissions. That applies even if it is a
SUV weighing over 2.5 tons. Even plug-in hybrids that run on electricity
the socket, but can also drive with fuel from the tank, come to you
Favorable value of mostly less than 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Battery electric cars and
So plug-in hybrids are a wild card. Your share of the cars sold could be
rise to around five percent. In addition: in 2020 you can even double
counted – every e-car sold as if the manufacturer had
two of them discontinued. To ensure that enough electric cars are sold, they subsidize many countries with high purchase premiums. Norway is best known for this. Electric cars have a market share of over 50 percent here because they are very much
high tax rebates are cheaper than comparable cars
Combustion engine.

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