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Daimler rules out layoffs despite austerity program TIME ONLINE



Although the automotive group Daimler wants to save 1.4 billion euros in personnel by the end of 2022, it closes according to the Bild am Sonntag (BamS) redundancies out. "It is not just a matter of downsizing," said Michael Brecht, Chairman of the General Works Council BamS. Due to the difficult economic situation, some processes would have to change; Workforce and management will talk about this in the coming years. Daimler must "manage the switch to electric mobility in such a way that nobody has to be afraid for his job."

CEO Ola Källenius made a similar statement. The automotive industry as a whole is under structural pressure: "It is not an economic crisis where the markets will turn up again in two to three years," he said BamS. "We are currently fundamentally changing the automotive industry, so we are also changing this company." You have to tell people honestly: "There will be no further developments. This will certainly lead to emotional negotiations."

Partial retirement and voluntary retirement

Källenius also said that the job cuts will involve several measures, such as natural fluctuation, partial retirement and voluntary termination agreements. The exact number of employees who will leave the company has not been determined. At the end of November, however, it was said that the aim is to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide in the next three years. The reason for the austerity program is the transformation phase in which the automotive industry is in, as well as the investments that have become necessary due to the demand for CO2-neutral mobility.

In view of this challenge, Daimler would endanger its future if one negated this situation and "waited". However, Källenius rejected a possible merger with BMW, which was speculated in advance: "Size is important, but not everything." The two companies remained competitors. However, they want to rely on cooperations where "it makes sense". For example, manufacturers have been competing in autonomous driving since the end of February: By 2025, they want to prepare self-driving cars for mass production.

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