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ÖVP and Greens shortly before reaching agreement on a coalition | TIME ONLINE



In Austria, the agreement on a historically first ÖVP-Greens coalition at federal level is apparently imminent. The Greens meet according to the Austrian
news agency APA formal preparations already; accordingly, they invited to a federal congress in the night of Sunday
next Saturday in Salzburg, who has to approve a coalition agreement. To dpa-Information is the negotiation of the two parties
however not yet completed.

The invitation to the Federal Congress
 According to the statutes of the Greens, at least one week before the meeting
respectively. The presentation of the coalition agreement should be loud APA
already take place before the Federal Green Congress.

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz would head into the strongest party in this constellation
Chancellery, which he returned a few months ago as a result of
spectacular Ibiza affair about the right-wing populist coalition partner
 FPÖ had to vacate.

Already on Friday the
ÖVP chairman and the Green leader Werner Kogler very optimistic
demonstrated that government negotiations have been successfully completed
could become. "I do not hope that it will fail – and second, it will work
neither do I assume, "said Kogler. The two parties are negotiating
about a government agreement since November 11, previously they had
already extensively probed.

Both parties had a choice
Significant gains for themselves at the end of September. The ÖVP
received 37.5 percent of the vote and was thus able to increase her result by six
Improve percentage points. The Greens succeeded with 13.9 percent – an increase
of 10.1 percentage points – the re-entry into the National Council. The
The previous ruling party FPÖ and the social democratic SPÖ had to
on the other hand accept significant losses and have been with them ever since
to fight intra-party turbulence.

ÖVP Greens Alliance means a change of direction

An alliance of ÖVP
and Greens should mean a change of direction for Austria
a year and a half with the right-wing conservative government, above all
was viewed critically abroad. The Greens advocate more climate protection, measures against child poverty and more transparency. Kurz wants to be business-friendly
govern, continue its anti-migration course and no new taxes

The ÖVP-FPÖ government was in May after the
Broken publication of an explosive video. Ex-FPÖ leader
Heinz-Christian Strache acted on the recordings, which means
hidden camera created in Ibiza, prone to
Corruption and therefore had to resign as party leader and vice chancellor.
 Shortly called new elections and a little later lost his office by
Confidence vote. The country is currently being transitional by Chancellor
Brigitte Bierlein and a cabinet of experts governed.

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