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Police union proposes speed limit investigation | TIME ONLINE



In the discussion about the introduction of a speed limits The police union (GdP) has suggested an independent test on motorways. "The German government should commission a scientific report in order to get valid figures about the benefits of a speed limit," said GdP Vice President Michael Mertens Handelsblatt,

Reducing the top speed to 130 km / h reduces "the risk of serious accidents with the most seriously injured," said Mertens. Estimates assumed that around 80 deaths per year could be avoided nationwide.

The demand for the speed limit had brought the SPD back into the political discussion. First, the new party leaders Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans demanded a speed limit of 130 kilometers an hour at a party conference in early December. These days, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) also joined. "Common sense" speaks for a speed limit, said Schulze.

"It has nothing to do with freedom"

Consumer advocates and the Greens also support the Social Democrats' push. "Most developed countries have a speed limit on highways," said Green Group leader Katrin Goering-Eckardt the newspapers of the Funke media group. It was "absurd" that some considered the discussion to be ideological. "It has nothing to do with freedom," said Goering-Eckardt: "My freedom is limited when someone rushes past me like a stupid boy."

"What works in all neighboring countries in Europe, drivers in Germany would quickly get used to it," said Marion Jungbluth from the Federal Consumer Association Handelsblatt, The advantages are "significant" because "in addition to the climate impact, it can lead to more safety and less stress on highways".

CSU Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer rejects the speed limit. He also received support from the sister party CDU. The parliamentary director of the Union faction, Michael Grosse-Brömer, said the Picture on Sunday: "Neither the German autobahns, which are already very safe in international comparison, would become even safer, nor would CO2 emissions decrease significantly." Instead of always bringing out "old shopkeepers", they should SPD rather make suggestions to better manage traffic flows and avoid congestion – which also helps to save CO2.

The CDU member of the Bundestag Martin Patzelt, on the other hand, was open to a speed limit. "Given the dramatically changing climate, my belief is growing that government policy must have the courage to make unpopular decisions in the short term," he said Picture on Sunday,

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