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Germany continues to slide on world stock exchanges | TIME ONLINE



There are hardly any German companies among the 1000 most valuable stock exchange companies in the world. This was shown by a study by the consulting firm EY. While tech companies from the United States and dominate China in the global ranking, Germany with its traditional industrial companies has lost further importance here.

According to the study, only the software company can do it SAP and Siemens among the 100 most valuable companies. With a stock market value of $ 160 billion (as of December 26, 2019), SAP ranks 51st. Siemens ranks 100th with a value of $ 106 billion. The insurer Allianz is no longer among the top 100, which only ranks 110th despite the increased share price. The industrial gases market leader Linde, which is in 95th place (114.0 billion) is a member of the Dax, but has its headquarters in Ireland and is managed from the USA.

"Since the beginning of the financial crisis in late 2007, the weights on the world stock exchanges have shifted massively," said Hubert Barth, chairman of the EY management. Before the financial crisis, 46 of the 100 most valuable companies in the world had their headquarters in Europe – today there are only half as many. In Germany alone, seven companies were among the top 100 in 2007. According to Barth, Germany has lost a lot of its importance on the world stock exchanges. Europe's number one, the Swiss food company Nestlé, comes in 16th place.

Tech companies are on the rise

Investors trusted tech companies to shape the economy even more in the future. In their view, Europe's leading industry, the manufacturing industry, promises little growth. The advance of tech companies on the stock exchange seems inexorable, said Barth.

Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi-Aramco, which went public in December 2019, is at the top of the stock market giants. The group is worth around $ 1.88 trillion – about twice as much as the twelve most valuable German companies combined. Saudi Aramco is followed by Apple with $ 1.29 trillion, Microsoft with $ 1.21 trillion, Google's mother alphabet with $ 933 billion, Amazon with $ 927 billion and Facebook with $ 593 billion. More than half of the 100 most valuable companies come from the United States.

Two Chinese companies are among the "Top Ten". Sixth is the Alibaba IT group ($ 578 billion) and eighth is the Internet company Tencent ($ 471 billion).

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