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Islamist leaders killed in drone strikes | TIME ONLINE



Several members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist militia have been killed in drone attacks in Somalia. Somali intelligence officials say a high-ranking leader of the terrorist militia is believed to be among the dead. The attacks were reported to have focused on an Al-Shabaab camp near Kunya-Barow.

In addition to Somali elite soldiers, US military drones were used in the attacks. Somalia itself has no combat drones and therefore relies on the help of its allies. The US command center for
Operations in Africa confirmed that the attacks with the
Government of the East African country had been voted. All in all
 three air strikes were flown, including four terrorists
 was killed. The US military classifies Al-Shabaab as "worldwide
Threat "and claims that the militia
attacks in the USA are also planned.

The attacks were in response to the devastating bomb attack in Mogadishu, which killed almost 100 people and dozens on Saturday
had been injured
, Eyewitnesses spoke of a picture of devastation,
after a truck loaded with explosives at a checkpoint
in a busy neighborhood during the morning rush hour
had been blown up. Although there is initially no
The Al-Shabaab militia is behind the attack

Al-Shabaab has been fighting for supremacy in the African country for years. The Sunni fundamentalists rule large areas in the south and center of Somalia and carry out attacks again and again.

Great dismay after the bombing

The explosive attack has been strongly condemned worldwide. EU Council President Charles Michel emphasized on Twitter: "Europe will
Continue to support Africa in the fight against terrorism. "
UN Secretary General António Guterres urged that
Responsible to account and spoke to relatives
the victim expressed his condolences. Russia also condemned the "barbaric

Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo called the population to
Cohesion in the fight against "the enemy of human dignity" on and
explained: "The only target that the terrorists in our country
have developed is the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. "

On Sunday, 16 Somalis injured in the bomb attack were flown to Turkey for medical treatment. The bodies of two killed Turkish citizens were also transported to their home country with the military transporter. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had confirmed her death the previous evening.

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