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Sabadell picks up the COP 25 glove and launches a fund to invest in the green economy



Two weeks after the end of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 25), Banco Sabadell is committed to the green economy. Your manager has launched a international stock fund that invests in topics like climate change, sustainable energy or water, among others, and puts the focus on the United States and Western Europe.

The Catalan bank has set up a new range of funds that has to do with the new paths of the economy and society. In March, it launched the Sabadell Digital Economy, focused on companies in the technology and telecommunications sectors, and now ventures with the Sabadell Green Economy.

The green economy is defined as “one that results in improving human well-being and social equity, reducing environmental risks and pressure on natural systems and harmonizing economic development and efficient resource consumption,” according to Sabadell Asset Management . After having held the COP 25 in Madrid, the firm picks up the glove and recognizes that “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges present for the planet and a key catalyst of the economy for the coming years, and it will mean important changes in all sectors. ”

In this scenario, Sabadell AM emphasizes, distinguish between winning and losing companies It is a key aspect for the investment opportunities that hide behind this phenomenon. The product, constituted as a fund of funds, will invest more than 75% of its assets in equities, in listed companies that represent up to 14 different sectors: renewable energy, waste management and recycling, sustainable agriculture or mobility solutions, among others.

Geographically, “the business models of the green economy thrive throughout the world, although the listed companies that star in them are based mostly in the United States and Western Europe. ” For this reason, the fund will have more weight in these areas, although it can also invest in Japan and emerging countries.

A point made by your brochure is that there is no capitalization limit on companies that enter the portfolio, which "It can negatively influence the liquidity of the fund."


The Catalan bank has opened the process of selling its asset manager, Sabadell Asset Management, where JPMorgan advises. In the final bid, Amundi, Allianz and Candriam (the former Dexia), as published by Bolsamanía, have entered, and the group intends to close the sale in early 2020. These three entities have made binding offers for 100% and , according to financial sources, Amundi is the one that, a priori, has the best chance of winning.

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