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What is the best ham in Spain? This is the last contest called by the Government



The Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has called a contest to decide which is the best ham in Spain with the objective is contribute to promoting quality ham and two modalities are opened: the "Food of Spain award for Best Serrano Ham or other Recognized Quality Figures" awards, and the "Food of Spain award for Best Iberian Acorn Ham" award.

Producers may compete for one or both types of the prize but may only participate with one sample per modality. The deadline will be March 27, 2020.

In order to present, you must have ownership of the manufacturing companies that have their headquarters located within the national territory. In addition, the hams presented will be prepared by the contestant and must justify that in the last three years they have prepared a minimum of 1,500 pieces per year.

It will have to provide a piece of ham with leg, devoid of its labeling or trademark

Applications can be submitted both through the electronic record of the Ministry and in person with paper documentation.

The processors will present a sample of ham for each modality attended, whose delivery time will be between April 13 and 17 of 2020. Thus, a piece of ham with a leg will be provided, devoid of its labeling or trademark, so that its anonymity can be ensured.

Each sample will be packed in a package that will be identified abroad with the name of the manufacturing company and the type of ham presented to the prize. Inside the package, in addition to the ham sample, in a sealed envelope, a photocopy of the duly completed application and the commercial label that identifies the ham subject to tender will be included.



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