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Emmanuel Macron wants to stick to pension reform | TIME ONLINE



Around a month after the strikes in France against the planned pension reform began, President Emmanuel Macron made it clear that he would not move away from it. "Pension reform is coming to an end," he said in the President's traditional New Year address. It is a project for justice and social progress.

He can understand that "the decisions made can hurt and raise fear and resistance," said Macron. However, this is not a reason to forego the reform. Adherence to the previous regulations means "betrayal of our children and their children, who then have to pay the price for our waiver", he said: "I promise you tonight that I will use all my energy to our country transform to make it stronger, more just and more human. "

Reform is intended to simplify a complex pension system

Macron wants to replace the complicated French pension system with 42 different individual systems and special funds for certain occupational groups with a uniform regulation and raise the retirement age from the current 62 to 64 years. This is intended to reduce the billion deficit that is burdening the French pension funds.

The reform was part of the election promises made by Macron and his liberal party La République En Marche (German for "The Republic on the Move"). After months of protests by the "yellow vests", the project triggered another wave of demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of participants and strikes that have been going on since December 5th. Especially public transport in Paris and long-distance transport in France are severely impaired.

Macron had announced possible concessions to the unions two weeks after the strike began. However, the broad lines of the reform should be maintained. He wanted to take a strike break over the holidays, but the unions refused. The government plans to reunite with the social partners on January 7th.

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