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His appearance in Fatih Akin's comedy doesn't even last a minute Soul Kitchen from 2009. As "Meyer, health department!" Jan Fedder trudges through the kitchen of the restaurateur Zinos (Adam Bousdoukos), who is already on the verge of a nervous breakdown: girlfriend away, herniated disc, shop not running, brother released from prison. And then this Meyer from the health department: "Man, boy, that stinks, where are the extractor hoods, hohohoho, friends of folk music, that's a kitchen, I don't put a carpet in there, there have to be tiles, also on the wall here, and the household appliances, we don't buy from 1,000 pots, ne, but we buy them beautifully made of stainless steel, "says Stakkato. "I'll be back in a month and then the whole picobello, chico?" summarizes Meyer. "Otherwise I will close the shop, do I know?"

It was a brilliant short intervention in which Jan Fedder brilliantly showed what he could best play: the German law enforcement officer, who does his job with rattling bass and Hamburg frills and somehow always lets it show that he is basically on his heart On the side of those who have their problems with law and order.

It was this underdog sympathy that distinguished Fedder in his parade role. At the beginning of the nineties, reluctantly and above all for the sake of his friend, director Jürgen Roland, he took on a leading role in the NDR police series Großstadtrevierthat has been running since 1986. From 1992 Fedder was seen as patrol officer Dirk Matthies, for whom St. Pauli a grown-up actor obviously an affair, because "due to the adversity, it was logically to the other side", as he once said in an interview. His mother was a dancer and gymnastics teacher, his father once owned the restaurant Zur Überseebrücke at the harbor, where the Gruner + Jahr publishing house is today.

"There were offers"

Fedder, born in 1955, spent his childhood with the port on his doorstep and his youth in the neighborhood. "When I was ten I knew what a whore was up to, I smoked my first cigarette when I was eleven, I had my first time in a party cellar when I was 13, and my first gonorrhea when I was 14," he said St. Pauli News, As a teenager, he also had the first small role on television, in the series Schwalbe travel service, If he hadn't become an actor, he might have had a career in the milieu, known Fedder. "There were offers." Fedder never practiced his second profession as a forwarding agent.

Instead, he kicked in the left hamburger
Klecks youth theater and was "socialistically committed" like he was Hamburger Morgenpost said; He remained a member of the theater company for 19 years. In a series from Gyula Trebitsch's series Hamburg transit took
 Fedder the main role of a drug addict, he played one
satanic rocker and other villain roles.

As for a whole series of other male German actors of his age cohort – Uwe Ochsenknecht, Martin Semmelrogge, Ralf Richter, Claude-Oliver Rudolph – the multiple award-winning cinema film meant The boat Wolfgang Petersen's breakthrough for Fedder in 1981. In the role of the boat mate Pilgrim, he went into film history with a somber, homoerotic dialogue: "Sachma 'hassu actually hair in your nose?" Pilgrim asks the diesel mate Frenssen, played by Richter. "Because: I have some on the ass. We can tie them together."

Despite the success with The boat For a few years it looked as if the neighborhood boy Fedder, with his drowsy, drowsy bass voice, would remain fixed on the underdog and crook roles. Until Jürgen Roland came up with the offer Großstadtrevier enter. Roland wrote the role of Dirk Matthies on his body, a neighborhood bull who always encounters his own guild with a little critical distance. This "made identification possible in the first place," Fedder explained at the time. The Großstadtrevier has made him a celebrity, a North German folk actor par excellence, a kind of walking Hamburgensie. The star once called him a "brackish water bogart".

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