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Hong Kong Cancels Urban Fireworks for Security TIME ONLINE



Because of the ongoing protests, Hong Kong has urban Fireworks called off. This was announced by the Chinese tourism authority
Special administrative zone with. Instead, there should be a special New Year's version of the nightly light show.

In the meantime, thousands of demonstrators for more democracy took to the streets in the special administrative zone on the last day of the year. They formed human chains, marched through shopping centers and temporarily blocked one of the large entrances to the port, where the New Year is usually greeted with a big fireworks display.

It is the first time since
ten years that the city's fireworks were canceled. The media had already reported in mid-December that the city was on the
Will forego fireworks in front of the skyline of the port city. The police
worry, otherwise not enough with the ongoing protests
It was said to be able to ensure "law and order".

Hong Kong's Prime Minister Carrie Lam promised to tackle social and economic problems in the new year. In her New Year's address, she said she would "listen humbly" to
to contribute to an end to the protests. In 2019 it was "never seen before
 Challenges ". The situation
 in the country have "sadness, fear, disappointment and even anger"
evoked, said Lam. At the same time, she insisted on the "one country, two systems" principle that Beijing has ruled the former British colony since 1997 and does not tolerate the supreme rule of the Communist Party.

In his New Year speech in Beijing, China's head of state and party leader Xi Jinping called for "prosperity and stability" in the Chinese special administrative region. "Without a harmonious and peaceful environment, how can there be a home in which people live and work in peace and contentment?" However, the president did not respond to the demonstrators' demands for more democracy and self-determination.

Protests, some of them violent, have been going on for months

meanwhile criticized the restrictive action by the emergency services against the demonstrators.
At the beginning of the protest movement, the officials had used pepper spray and rubber bullets against the participants.

Triggered because of a controversial extradition law, the people in Hong Kong for half a year against the increasing influence of China. The pro-democratic movement is demanding more democracy and independence from the central government in Beijing. The mass protests repeatedly lead to violent clashes between demonstrators and forces.

The protesters have already announced another large demonstration for New Year's Day. In Hong Kong and on mainland China, January 1st is a public holiday, but according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, the New Year is not celebrated until January 25th. The fireworks in Hong Kong have so far been a major attraction for tourists.

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