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Islamist terrorist organization claims to kill 83 people | TIME ONLINE



The radical Islamic terrorist militia Al-Shabaab has committed itself to the car bombing in Mogadishu known. This was announced by the spokesman for the militia, Ali Mohamud Rage, in an audio message. The aim of the attack in the capital of Somalia was to kill two Turkish engineers and their bodyguards. The authorities in the East African country assume that at least 83 people have been killed. 20 people are missing.

For the first time, Al-Shabaab apologized to the relatives of the civilian victims. "We are really sorry for the losses we have made to our Muslims
have inflicted Somali society, "said Rage." We
speak to Muslims who have lost their lives have been injured
or whose property has been destroyed, our sympathy, "he added
added. However, the spokesman defended the attack as "necessary in the fight against the state and its foreign supporters".

The car bomb was on Saturday morning at a busy intersection in the southwest of
Mogadishu explodes near a security checkpoint.
At the time of the rush hour rush were after
Eyewitness accounts of many people on the go, including school children
Students. Among the numerous dead were two Turkish citizens.

The attack is said to have been planned from abroad

After the attack, the United States attacked terrorist militants with drones. The
 Attack is with the government Somalia Voted. There are four
Terrorists have been killed. According to the Somali Secret Service
is a senior commander of the organization among those killed.

 In the meantime, security authorities have investigated information that the serious explosive attack from abroad was planned. The national security agency Nisa said on Twitter that it had the government
a preliminary report on the attack
handed over "which was planned by a foreign country". The authority
however, made neither the country's name nor the report public and indicated that it wanted to work with foreign secret services.

 Shebab militia is said to have between 5,000 and 9,000 fighters. It has been since 2012
officially connected to the Al Qaeda terror network; a small
Minority recently joined the Islamic jihadist militia
State (IS). The shebab have had many of them since 2011
former bastions lost, but they remain the largest to this day
Threat to peace in Somalia. On her
Account is said to be, among other things, the bloodiest attack in the history of the
Landes go, in October 2017 in Mogadishu more than 500
People were killed. To date, the militia has not admitted to that
A deed that provoked horror and anger across the country.

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