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From the beginning I thought it was one
bad idea to go there. Not like in a day
this. This Saturday after Christmas, This Saturday before New Year's Eve. "The
it's insane, "I said.

"Oh what," said father,
who really wanted to go there because he had a voucher for Christmas
had gotten. "It's not that bad. It doesn't get that full
become. We meet there every Saturday, my friends and me. And we have
got a place every Saturday. "

Father is 92. His friends, his new ones
Friends, are ten, fifteen years younger, two brothers. He has it there
met, in this cafe in the supermarket, in the shopping center, because he was with
his e-bike on his rides Ostfriesland always come there
because it's conveniently located halfway between town and village. His new ones
Friends meet three times a week for breakfast and coffee, everyone
They sit on the same Wednesday morning and every Friday and Saturday afternoon
Table, as reliable as clockwork. They are already part of the inventory.

Mother and I didn't want to go, but father
insisted. He wanted to do something good for us, he said, invite us now
I'm still here, who knows when I will visit Berlin next time
come, he might be dead by then. "Oh what," I said. "You are fine
still good, you're still fit. "

"I'll take the bike," he said without looking at mine
To compliment him, he was already standing in the hall with his scarf, coat and hat. "You
comes by car. "

To change his mind, I wanted him to do that
Fireworks remind that yesterday they sparked in the shopping center parking lot
had a kind of foretaste of what to expect today, the
first official fireworks sale day. I wanted him back on the
Advertise newspaper inserts, all the special offers,
pages of meat – neck steaks, pork cutlets, turkey medallions – chips
and dips, grain and sparkling wine and grog and beer – and Böller of course: that
ten-piece rocket range "Flying Legends", the "Tiger Fire" shot battery with
450 grams of explosion mass, the "Power System Profi Battery" with 214 rounds, 60
Meter effect height, 135 seconds effect duration, caliber 25 mm for 139.99 euros.

"It's insane," I still wanted
once say "blow up one euro per second." And he would have me
certainly agreed, he wouldn't have been out the door, on the bike, except
Hearing and sight range.

Mother and I had no choice but
to get dressed and get in the car too. When we came over the bridge
and turn off the main road towards the shopping center, mine confirmed
Suspected that it was insane to drive there today because the parking lot was
full: cars as far as the eye can see. I let mom get out at the entrance
explained that I would come and asked her to come along for me
order, it could take longer until I found a free place. in the
I saw the rear-view mirror, Mother rowing towards the entrance with her arms. I
twisted around. Other cars were already standing in front of the opening gaps; as soon as
one drove out, another drove in before me. It took one
Fifteen minutes until I found something at the very end, where the fields
begin, just before the dike.

A line had formed at the entrance. The
People in the revolving door couldn't get in quickly enough, which is why
Mechanism blocked again and again. I heard people swear in front of me, but nobody
backed away. When I was finally inside, the scent took me freshly baked
Speckendicken, an East Frisian specialty made from buckwheat flour, eggs,
air-dried meat sausage and streaky bacon, almost breath. The hall,
I was going through was full, even the shopping carts that came towards me
were full as if there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow was even more open to sales
Sunday, the fourth in a row this month. I stayed to orient myself
standing in front of the sign "customer lockers" looked at the empty ones
Lattice boxes underneath and wondered about the term "customer lockers",
it meant that, if you took it literally, the customers in it
May include children, possibly, to be able to shop undisturbed. Then
I continued my way to the café. It was right in the middle. If I
When I got there, I saw mother and my father's friends at one of the tables
sitting at her table, only I didn't see my father.

"He's looking for you," said Mother. "He has to you
to have accommodated. Didn't you see him? "

"No," I said, and was about to turn around
and go looking for him, one of his friends said: "Now sit down
there, he'll be back. "

And the other said, "Otherwise you will go too
still lost. "

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