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Suspected Hanukkah Assassin Accused of Hate Crime | TIME ONLINE



After the knife attack on a Jewish Hanukkah celebration in New York, the alleged perpetrator is now also charged with hate crimes. There are handwritten records and evidence
the cell phone has been found on an anti-Semitic motif of the man
interpreted, FBI investigators announced on Monday. The defendant rejected the allegation of anti-Semitism and claimed not to have been a member of a hate or hatred group.

When the man's house was searched, the investigators found diaries with anti-Semitic entries. Accordingly, it contained anti-Jewish statements, references to Adolf Hitler and the "Nazi culture" [sic!] As well as a painted swastika and a star of David. The alleged perpetrator also searched the Internet for Jewish places of worship in the region.

The man is
five times attempted murder and burglary. He faces a life sentence. According to his lawyer, the alleged perpetrator was in the
Fought the past again and again with mental illnesses. A relative of the accused said the man had obsessive-compulsive disorder and sometimes washed his hands and feet with bleach several times a day. Accordingly, he recently did not take his medicine and was gone for a week. The man pleads not guilty.

The accused is charged on Sunday night in a rabbi's house in Monsey, north of the metropolis new York to have penetrated and injured five people with a machete who
just celebrated the Hanukkah Jewish Festival of Lights. Then he fled
but was arrested by the police shortly afterwards. Politicians
worldwide, the attack was strongly condemned. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, viewed the act as terror.

13 attacks on Jews within a month

There had been a series of violent attacks on Jews in New York in December. The knife attack on Saturday evening had been the 13th anti-Semitic attack since December 8, according to Cuomo.

It was only on December 10 that two attackers in New Jersey killed three in an attack on a Jewish shop
 People after shooting a policeman before. The
Attackers were shot by the officers during a multi-hour exchange of fire with the police.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio criticized the increasing hostility to Jews. "We see this as a crisis," the democrat told the radio station NPR With. There is a growing anti-Semitism problem across the country. In addition, anti-Semitism is increasingly violent. An "atmosphere of hatred" has arisen, said the mayor.



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