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When Marcel Freitag * realizes that he is not
would live longer, he plans his death. He has been suffering for ten years
Parkinson. The disease eats through his nerves, every year it does
Tremors in his body stronger. Parkinson's, it is clear, would suit him
gradually take control of his body. more
the 59-year-old is more important, at least on one crucial question
Keeping control: what should his farewell to life look like?

Three pages of continuous text, left justified in
Arial script, the keywords bold: This is how Marcel Freitag wrote on June 24th
2012 on what one Living Will is called. The last will, how doctors should treat a person when he himself no longer communicates

Friday wrote meticulously
on which life-extending measures he does not want. artificial
Ventilator? No. Artificial nutrition? No. No. No. No. Not a hospital
and certainly not an operation. He wanted to die at home with his family,
with his dog.

At the end it says: "My representative should take care of that
carry that my will is enforced! "

Marcel's Friday representative is his
Niece, Christina Pfaff *. It was his
closest confidante, nursed him for years. She has the living will
signed, accepted the task her uncle asked her to do.

When talking in one
Café tells Christina Pfaff that she doesn't know anyone who is so selfless
and was generous like her uncle. He was a farmer, nature and animals are
been his life. When Parkinson's disease fell on Friday, Pfaff was still one
Girl. At the age of thirteen, she had already helped him after school
Stall of cows and horses to clean and the hay bales from the field
catch up. She could watch his strength wane over the years
how he needed a break at the baler after just a few minutes. Against
In the end, she often did all the work in the yard alone because the uncle closed
was weak to get out of bed. "At some point I almost have myself
felt how he lost his will to live, "says Pfaff. Friday is his
Has been self-employed for life, he has never been a burden to anyone
want. Before he has to give up his autonomy completely and a case of care
if he would rather die, he would have it again and again for his niece

Pfaff pulls out a large black file folder
from her pocket: "Marcel: illness and living will" is written on it. she
wrote the order together with her uncle. I typed
he formulated. You have admitted to the forms for living wills
that they found on the internet, says Pfaff, but ultimately
everything formulated freely. So, they thought, their will would become clearer. The two
had the order certified by a notary for 160 euros. Everything seemed

But everything turned out differently.

When Marcel Freitag died on July 25, 2019, was lying
he had been in intensive care for four days. Friday's lungs were several times
been sucked out, he received oxygen through a hose in his throat,
he had been given a gastric tube several times. These interventions are great
Pain associated. Pain against which Friday with his
Wanted to secure living will.

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