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Thousands of vacationers save themselves on the beaches TIME ONLINE



The bushfires in the southeast Australia get out of control, more people die. There are now at least twelve dead. A father and son were found dead near the coast of New South Wales on Tuesday, officials said, trying to protect their home in Cobargo from the fire. Another five people were still missing.

The situation in the state of Victoria is particularly threatening: 4,000 holidaymakers and residents fled to the sea from the bush fires in the coastal town of Mallacoota. First the city was covered in smoke in black, then in bright red. The people trapped by the flames on one side and the water on the other were to be brought to safety by sea, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said. Andrews asked for assistance in the United States and Canada and requested 70 firefighters. Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the state's support for the military after Andrews requested helicopters and navy ships to provide emergency care and safety.

In the state of New South Wales, a fire tornado launched a fire truck that fell to the ground, killing a 28-year-old firefighter.

It has been burning in Australia since October. In New South Wales alone, an area the size of Belgium has burned down, almost 1,000 houses have been destroyed. And an end to the fires is not in sight – on the contrary: on Tuesday, the temperatures should rise well above 40 degrees. In addition, severe weather with strong gusts of wind is expected, which could further ignite the fires.

In the face of the bushfires, some communities in Australia have canceled their New Years fireworks. However, the spectacle in the port of Sydney should take place as planned, since the metropolis has received an exceptional permit. The fireworks around Harbor Bridge and Opera House are expected to attract a million spectators and bring New South Wales the equivalent of around 80 million euros.

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