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Benjamin Netanyahu Wants to Apply for Law Enforcement Immunity | TIME ONLINE



Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants immunity from parliament
request to face a corruption charge
Protect law enforcement. This was shared by the 70-year-old
Prime Minister with. He said it was about
a time-limited immunity and he would be in court
Prove innocence. "I want to lead Israel for many years to come
to achieve historical success ".

Netanyahu's challenger,
Former military chief Benny Gantz from the Blue-White center alliance spoke of a "sad day for Israel". He accused Netanyahu of being only for himself
personal destiny and not for the future of the state of Israel too
interested. "Netanyahu knows that he is guilty."

Ministry of Justice had announced in November that the 70-year-old
Prime Minister charged with fraud and infidelity and bribery
 shall be. It is the first time in the history of Israel that a
incumbent Prime Minister is charged. Netanyahu spoke of one
 Attempted coup and criticized Israel judiciary, The
He accused the police of putting witnesses under pressure.

 Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit had the President of Parliament
the indictment against Netanyahu was transmitted on December 2. After that
Netanyahu had 30 days to apply for immunity. Without the application
would have the indictment at the competent court after the deadline
filed in Jerusalem. With the immunity application lies
however, the procedure is now on hold.

Parliament has limited capacity to act after two new elections

Under normal
A parliamentary committee on immunity might need to be
decide and then a Knesset vote will take place. In Israel
however, there has been a transitional government for about a year
Netanyahu at the top and Parliament is limited
act. After two parliamentary elections, one succeeded in 2019
Stalemate no new government formation.

Amir Fuchs from
Israeli Democracy Institute says responsible for the education
Despite the political transition, there are no committees
legal obstacle. However, the parliamentary is missing at the moment
Majority for that. Without the committee there would be no more
Take steps in the Netanyahu trial.

March 2nd is one
third parliamentary election scheduled.
"Most likely it won't
(responsible) committee give until the formation of government after the election ",
says Fuchs. A vote on immunity could be done with it
possibly only take place in May. It is unclear whether Netanyahu is
can secure a majority of 61 of the 120 deputies. Should it
if he succeeded, he could only be charged if he was no longer
Knesset member. However, it is considered doubtful that Netanyahu
 can actually form a government after the March election.

Only legally binding convictions require resignation

 Israeli law requires a prime minister only after one
rescind the final sentence. President of Israel
Reuven Rivlin said on Tuesday: "I think we need the elected
protect them from the possibility against the will of the people
depose ".

The allegations against Netanyahu are about
Suspected of influencing media, supposedly crooked deals with
In return, businesses and luxury gifts from friendly business people
for political favors
, Should he because of bribery
convicted, Netanyahu faces up to ten years in prison. In the event of
a conviction for fraud and infidelity would be a maximum of three
Years in prison.

Before the election in April 2019
Netanyahu said during a TV interview that he would not look around
Strive for immunity from law enforcement. According to a survey by the
Israeli television is 51 percent of Israelis against an application
the prime minister's immunity, while only 33 percent made the move
support. In the face of criticism, he wanted to be out of responsibility
 steal, Netanyahu said on Sunday: "Immunity is not against
democracy, immunity is a cornerstone of democracy ".

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