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CSU wants to support savers and startups | TIME ONLINE



According to a paper that the CSU national group in Bundestag The party wants to decide at the retreat next week, the party demands from the state to actively support savers. Among other things, banks should be obliged to offer a free basic account. "If you want to make provisions for tomorrow, you need support today," says the position paper. There is a difference "between gambling and saving for old-age provision". That must also be reflected in tax law. For example, savers who hold shares or bonds beyond a speculation period of five years should be exempt from tax liability.

The party also demands a fixed-interest so-called "innovation bond". The government is to issue them with a ten-year term at an interest rate of two percent. The funds raised by this should be in Start-ups and innovations with a focus on new key technologies. "We are creating a circulatory system with an attractive offer for savers and urgently needed venture capital for startups," write the CSU MPs.

The Christian Social Union The paper also criticizes the zero interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). Long-term zero interest rates made pension provision more difficult and increased the risk of equity and real estate bubbles. "That is why it is now time for the ECB to turn monetary policy upside down again. Our clear expectation is to get out of the low-interest phase."

Solos are to be abolished, wealth tax is to be suspended

Certain taxpayers should be relieved according to the ideas of the CSU: In the paper, the party demands the complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge. It was only in November that the Bundestag decided to abolish it for 90 percent of taxpayers by 2021. The CSU deputies also oppose the reintroduction of property tax. Furthermore, tax returns are to be made considerably easier: "Any relief that is technically feasible must also be implemented. Among other things, every citizen should in future receive a pre-filled tax return from the state, in which all the data available is already entered." Taxpayers would then only have to check their tax returns for accuracy and completeness and approve them with one click.

In addition, the paper also mentions other possible facilities: child benefit is to be paid out automatically in the future, instead of having to apply for it as previously. Mini-job workers should be able to earn more without having to pay taxes and social security contributions. The minijob limit, which has been at 450 euros per month since 2013, is to be raised to 600 euros. Then the earnings limit as a "growing mini-job" should increase in parallel with wage developments.

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