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Incidents at New Year's Eve in Hong Kong | TIME ONLINE



At the New Year celebrations in Hong Kong it's closed at night
Incidents have come. Radical activists threw incendiary devices and
blocked roads. The police went with water cannons, tear gas and
Pepper spray before. Compared to the Christmas days, however
fewer people take to the streets to protest the government

On this New Year's Day there will be a larger demonstration
 expected, which was also allowed by the police. The organizers of
 the Civil Human Rights Front have had in the past few months
several large-scale demonstrations in China's special administrative region

Protests for six months

The Hong Kongers have been demonstrating for half a year
 against the government, Beijing 's growing influence and
Police brutality in the ongoing protests.
You demand real
Democracy and more self-determination. Since its return to China in 1997
Hong Kong becomes autonomous on the principle of "one country, two systems"

The seven million Hong Kong people enjoy – unlike
the people of the People's Republic – many rights such as assembly and
Freedom of speech. But they are increasingly concerned about their freedom. Also
they call for real democracy, as they did in the change of sovereignty
Prospect had been given.

For security reasons because of
ongoing protests was the urban fireworks spectacle for
New Years at midnight canceled
, Instead, there was one
Light show, some high-rises also made smaller ones
Firework displays shot down. But tourists were disappointed
about the significantly reduced celebrations that many every year
Attract travelers to the Asian port metropolis.

"I have on
 stopped on the way to Malaysia, "said 40-year-old Rene Naglev." We met friends here and expected
to see fireworks and i'm disappointed i don't see the reason
why it was canceled. "The protests already have one
sharp decline in the number of tourists.

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