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Investigations into attempted murder in Leipzig | TIME ONLINE



After an attack on a police officer on New Year's Eve in Leipzig
investigates the Saxon State Criminal Police Office on suspicion of
tried murder. The concrete circumstances and the injuries that
the official in violent riots in the left-wing alternative district of Leipzig
Connewitz suffered, would have caused the prosecutor to
 said an LKA spokesman. The police officer was ordered by the police
Attacked so badly that he lost consciousness and became one
Had to undergo emergency surgery.

The police reported targeted attacks
to their officials: They are massive with stones, bottles and fireworks
been shot at. A "group of violent criminals" was there
tries to put a burning shopping cart in the middle of a riot police unit
to push.

One on leftism specialized commission
started the investigation – among other things, for attempted manslaughter. Until
In the afternoon, seven men and two women were arrested. They'll be dangerous assault, resistance to police officers and
accused of serious breach of peace. Three other detainees are again
been released.

Representatives of the police, city and state politicians showed up
alarmed about the violence: Leipzig police chief Torsten Schultze
spoke of "obviously organized attacks" in which the
Perpetrators "cause serious injuries to people or in
Take buying. "Schultze said:" Police officers are people. "

"The Special Commission must quickly arrest these brutal violent offenders"

Saxony's Interior Minister Roland Wöller (CDU) spoke of
"conscious and targeted attacks on human life". He announced the deeds "with everything
Hardness of the rule of law "to persecute." This inhuman
Action borders on attempted homicide, "he said. Leipzig
Mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD) rated the events as "violent
outbreak of criminal violence "which he" from the bottom of his heart "
condemn. The special commission must "these brutal violent offenders quickly
grasp ".

According to the police, there were about a thousand on New Year's Eve
People gathered at the Connewitzer Kreuz in the south of Leipzig. Shortly after
At midnight, the mood had turned to violence: they were from a group
Officials have been massively attacked. In addition to the seriously injured, three
other police officers suffered minor injuries, the statement said.

The officials had the area because of the riots
cordon off, it was no longer passable. After 2:00 p.m.
the situation relaxed again.

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