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January 1st
Give away an apple day, day of ice bathing, day of letter Z, day of copyright,
      Euro day, commitments day

January 2nd
World Introvert Day, Buffet Day, Science Fiction Day, Cream Puff Day, Speed ​​Limit Day

January 3rd
Straw Day, International J.-R.-R.-Tolkien Day, Chocolate-Cherry Day, Holiday of Sleeping

When I recently did that
World Day Book
fell into the hands of the Benevento publishing house, a smorgasbord of all sorts of serious and roughest days in the world, of course I first had to look up a few personal details. A close family member has a birthday on the "clear-home-at-the-day". Can this be a coincidence? I immediately informed the person about it. Another family member has a birthday on "World Egos Day". It's not that flattering, is it? My own birthday falls on the day of postal workers. Nothing against the post, but at that moment I understood: You shouldn't read World Days like a horoscope.

February 4th
Homemade Soup Day, Stuffed Mushrooms Day, Sweater Day, World Cancer Day

February 5th
World Nutella Day, Chocolate Fondue Day, "Did you puff?" – Day, Weather Announcer Day, Monarch Butterfly Day, Runeberg Day

World Day Book
by Julia Otterbach and Alexandros Stefanidis recorded around 2,200 entries. It does not claim to be complete, and the sources are not mentioned, but one quickly realizes: These World Days have not all been proclaimed by the UN, and many do not affect the whole world. On Runeberg Day, for example, the Finns celebrate the national poet Johan Runeberg. And Nutella Day was invented by a Nutella lover in 2007 and hijacked by Ferrero a few years later. The team of authors differentiates between happy and sad, important and curious, political and apolitical world days. Many have their origins in the USA, sometimes marketing and PR are behind them.

Everyone can call a day, and if others snap up and spread the idea, you're probably a kind of World Day influencer. In the United States, the married couple Thomas and Ruth Roy hold the copyright on more than 80 world days (February 7: wave your neighbor to day, February 17: who should I be) and the operators from nationaltoday.com offer companies to promote marketing campaigns for the respective World Day. Berlin comic artist Bastian Melnyk invented the "Did you pup?" Day and more than 300 other world days. Sounds silly and was meant that way, but for radio stations and others who have a daily program to fill, such theme days are a welcome change.

He drives 30 kilometers to work every day and listens to different stations, says Alexandros Stefanidis, and before half past eight the message comes reliably: By the way, today is Soundso Day. He says: "The idea is everywhere." The Roys claim to have received hundreds of inquiries from around the world each year and have been
Wall Street Journal, Washington Post
and interviewed others. Welttage-News are their own journalistic genre. The "Did you blow up?" Day was even international, a radio moderator from Antenne 1 spoke to Bastian Melnyk. His honest answer: "Just because I write 'international' doesn't mean that it is so."

Perhaps you can put it this way: World Days reflect not only the humor of the sender, but also the needs of the recipient. And a little bit of the zeitgeist. In any case, Stefanidis predicts that in the near future you will celebrate Influencer Day, AI Day and Trump's Anywhere Wish Day.

6th March
Energy Saving Day, Absinthe Day, Multiple Personality Day

7th March
World Women's Day of Prayer, Healthy Eating Day, Garbage Separation Day, Plant Power Day

8th of March
World Women's Day, Proofreading Day, Peanut Cluster Day

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