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Another four years Donald Trump? | TIME ONLINE



The New Year could go down in history in the United States, where presidential elections are pending. For the Republicans, President Donald Trump is running again, as well as two rather unknown candidates who are considered to have no chance. The Democrats, on the other hand, still have numerous candidates in the race. The best known among them are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The former stand for left-wing positions, Biden is located in the political center. So what's the better answer to Trump's policies – a moderate democratic candidate or a leftist one? The Democrats are currently debating this bitterly, and the July party convention will bring the final answer. What can you expect from the election campaign? And what if Trump ruled another four years in the White House? Rieke Havertz, USA expert and head of the service at ZEIT ONLINE, analyzes this.

2020 will also be interesting from a sporting point of view: The Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, and this at temperatures of probably over 40 degrees. But not only that – it's also European Football Championship. And since the competition is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, the European Championship will be held in eleven European countries and Azerbaijan. The carbon footprint will be miserable with the many flights of players, fans and journalists, but does it have any advantages? Moderators Mounia Meiborg and Christian Spiller, head of the sports department at ZEIT ONLINE, talk about and why you can look forward to major sporting events despite the doping scandals in competitive sports.

And otherwise? A composer will be important in 2020 – can you guess which one?

Assistance: Andrea Buhtz, Anne Schwedt
Moderation: Mounia Meiborg

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