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Bankia, Santander, Sabadell … banks release 2020 with significant rebounds



The banks They did not do well in 2019 and there are no good prospects for them in 2020. However, after a weak last year, have decided to lead the rebound of the Ibex at the beginning of it and today they have stood out for the strong increases they have registered.

Bankia, which behaved especially badly during the past year, has risen 3.55% at this time, followed by Santander (+ 3.65%); Sabadell (+ 2.79%); Caixabank (+ 3.61%); Bankinter (+ 2.69%) and BBVA (+ 2.55%).

The setting of the date to ratify the 'phase one' agreement between China and the US is leading today to increases in all European markets. The Ibex, which fell more than the others in the last two sessions of last year (due to political uncertainty in Spain) also rises more this Thursday, with advances that are already 1.5%, which leads him to touch the 9,700 points (9,696 points).

The exchanges are "collecting the fact of finally having a date for the signing of the first phase of the trade agreement between the US and China, January 15. It will be a minimum agreement. Subsequently, although still without a defined date, negotiations will begin for 'phase two' of the agreement, which predictably they will be much more complicated, and will be conditioned by Trump's evolution in the polls in the face of the November elections, "the Renta 4 experts explain in their daily report.

The banks – and also the energy banks – starred in the falls in the Ibex late last week after the publication of the PSOE Government Program and United We Can. This program "contemplates significant tax increases for these companies." Banks will have to face the Tobin Rate, with which the Government will tax the purchase of shares. Financial institutions have already warned on more than one occasion that they may end up having this tax on clients, but the dissuasive nature that this will have of course It is not good for financial institutions or for the stock market in general.

"Some of the measures announced directly affect listed sectors / companies, as well as the market as a whole, raising the cost of hiring, in other aspects. Being now much simpler than a few years ago for the individual investor to choose to invest in other markets, both directly and through different types of funds, it is possible that the aforementioned measures end up conditioning the behavior and activity of the Spanish stock market, something that will be seen if this is the case over time, "Link Securities experts explain.

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