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Catalan ERC pledges to support Pedro Sánchez in parliament | TIME ONLINE



A few days before the parliamentary vote on the election of Prime Minister Pedro SánchezPSOE) has the largest
Catalan party Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) the
Socialists pledged their support. The 13 ECR MPs want to abstain in the vote on Sunday in parliament, the party representative Pere Aragonès announced. It is therefore very likely that Sánchez will be re-elected head of government of Spain.

The executive prime minister depends on the help of the Catalan separatists for his re-election to office. The ruling Socialist Workers' Party, PSOE in Sánchez, clearly won in the November elections, but clearly missed the absolute majority. After consultations with all party leaders had king
Felipe VI. Sánchez appointed candidate for prime minister in mid-December. Together with the left-wing alliance Unidas Podemos, the executive prime minister negotiated a coalition government.

However, both parties only have 155 of the 350 seats in parliament. The absolute majority is 176 seats. Sánchez therefore secured the support of several smaller regional parties, including the Basque Nationalists (PNV). Nevertheless, the votes of the 13 ECR members are decisive. With the abstention now decided by the party, there is no longer any arithmetical obstacle to the re-election of Sánchez.

On Sunday, Sánchez is to become prime minister in parliament
be re-elected. It is expected to be the absolute necessary
Majority not reached in the first ballot. Thereupon, according to
Constitution 48
Hours later, on Tuesday, January 7th, a second round
occur. Then the simple majority is sufficient, the Sánchez probably
is obtained when the Catalan MPs like the ECR
announced included.

Agreement between ECR and PSOE would end political blockade

 ERC and PSOE had previously agreed to negotiate between
the Spanish central government and the Catalan government
to record "the political conflict over the future of Catalonia
to solve ". Catalonia's Vice President Pere Aragonès told reporters
it was a "difficult, complex road" that was worth walking to
become. Criticism came from the opposition, which Sánchez held hostage to
Catalan independence advocates.

The ECR is part of the independence movement of Catalonia. In October 2017, the regional government of Catalonia voted in a referendum on the independence of the region around Barcelona from Spain. The state government in Madrid refused the referendum and went in hard on the separatists
Catalonia before
, It was only in October 2019 that the ERC chief, Oriol Junqueras, was sentenced to a long term for "turmoil" and his
Role in the failed Catalan independence referendum
sentenced to over two years. The ERC is still demanding its

With the agreement of the two parties, Spain stands
now before the first coalition government since 1975
political blockade that ends the fourth largest economy in the world
Eurozone has been paralyzing since April 2019.

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